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 color-changing filament: pla filament brands compared | all3dp
Spool size: 1 kg. Colors: Red to natural (PLA), purple to red (ABS), green to yellow (ABS) Color change temperature: 43 °C (PLA), 31 °C (ABS) Bed temperature: 50 °C. Hot end temperature: 200-220 °C (PLA), 230-240 °C (ABS) Price: $22-$27/kg. MG Chemicals Color-Changing Filament. Commissions Earned Check price at.

 color changing filament - amolen thermochromic pla - youtube
While testing the Amolen color changing PLA, we’ve discovered a few unlikely practical uses for this 3D printer filament. Here are some examples of where its...

 color change – amolen
AMOLEN 3D Printer Filament, provides Higher Quality 3D printing Materials,PLA, PETG, ABS,TPU and more. We Focus on Special Filaments,like Silk,Glow in the dark,Temp or UV color change,Multicolor,Marble,Bronze,Copper,Shining ,Wood,Glow in the dark,Temp or UV color change...

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 new color changing pla 3d printer filament! |
New Color Changing PLA Filament! Ron Rivkind October 21, 2015. Another new and interesting product to play around with! PLA that will actually change color depending on the temperature or exposure to UV light! This new PLA is the same quality PLA as our standard PLA but with an additive that causes it to change color.

 color changing pla - 3d printing blog
We got the UV-reactive ABS and PLA filament wraps to play with out of pure curiosity from 3DFilaPrint. They are made by RepRapper Tech and the version of the filaments we got is the one that is supposed to change its color from solid white to blue when exposed to UV light.

 noulei thermochromic color change pla 3d printer filament ...
This is our New product, temperature-changing 3d printer Filament-----purple to redThe higher the temperature, the faster the purple turns redThe lower the t...

 amolen uv color change pla filament review - youtube
What is UV reactive filament? My special guests and I show you AMOLEN’s white-purple color change PLA! Link to products reviewed in videoAMOLEN UV reactive c...

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