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 filament_breakage [aio robotics support]
Filament Breakage & Shifting Layer Issues. We have redesigned the filament spool holder. This new filament spool holder can fit any standard PLA filament spool without the need of filament spool adapters. The new filament spool holder design can be downloaded, 3D printed, and retrofitted to all existing Zeus units.

 conductive filament printing - aiorobotics
A brand new functional design making use of highly conductive material just entered the market. Here is a review of the new “Flashlight LetterKit” from Functionalize, made with F-Electric FE-PLA-0750 filament. This material pushes the limits of current conductive materials for FFF-printers with its low resistivity of 0.75 ohm/cm. We are demonstrating an example on how to use this filament ...

 easy-to-use 3d printer/scanner all-in-one
AIO Robotics, Inc. 3641 Watt Way, HNB Room 10. Los Angeles, CA, 90089. United States . [email protected] (Response Time Avg. < 12h) For support, please send ...

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 support_ts_filament_broke | aiorobotics
Solution 1: Clearing a Filament Clog or Breakage (without removing extruder head) Solution 2: Manually cleaning and refurbishing the extruder head . CONTACT US. AIO Robotics, Inc. 3641 Watt Way, HNB Room 10. Los Angeles, CA, 90089. United States . [email protected]

 aio robotics filament test and review (win free filament ...
So I won some filament just by signing up on their website so why not review it right? Well guess that's what happens when you send filament to a YouTuber wi...

 rewards | aiorobotics
AIO Filament Rewards Program. AIO Printing Pen Rewards Program. New Coupon Codes and Deals for 3D Pen Filament. Click here and use coupon VBP7VJAM at checkout. 5% off. 4 Bundle Filament. Click here and use coupon Y5VQQ59G at checkout. 12 Bundle Filament.

 aio robotics filament hub by theclarkjb - thingiverse
This is a hub for the mini spools of filament from AIO robotics for a 1/2" PVC rod. It is generated from the project it remixed with a loose fit on the PVC, and a tight fit in the spool.

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