YOTINO 5 Meters GT2 2mm Pitch 6mm Wide Rubber Timing Belt + 8Pcs 20 Teeth Aluminum Timing Pulley Wheel + 1pcs L-Shaped Allen Wrench for 3D Printer CNC(Prusa i3, Kossel, Rostock, TAZ etc)




YOTINO 8Pcs 5mm 20-Teeth Timing Pulley Wheel + 5m GT2 Toothed Timing Belt

What is GT2 ?
the number at the end is the tooth pitch, usually in mm. GT2 is 2mm pitch. The G means The world’s first rubber triangle belt manufacturer GATER, the T is telling you it’s a trapezoidal tooth. There are gt2, gt3, gt5, and maybe a gt1.5.

GT2 belts and pulleys compliant (GT2 pulley) are popular choices for RepRap tests and traps.
The series GT2 belts are specially designed for the linear movement. Use a profile with rounded teeth, which ensures that minimizes the risk of the belt slipping.
For ensure the minimizes the possibility of sliding ring, which is at least six teeth in contact with the pulley at a given time, perfectly and accurately into the pulley groove.
Hexagonal nickel-plated L-wrenches, can be used in synchronous wheels, couplings, heating blocks v5, v6 and other accessories.

GT2 Timing Pulley:
Tooth: 20T
Bore: 5mm
Height: 16mm
Material: aluminum
With 2Pcs Grub Screws in Each Pulley

GT2 Timing Belt
Length: 5M
Width: 6mm
Material: Rubber
Color: Black

Package Includes:
8 x GT2 Pulley Wheel
1 x 5M GT2 Belt
1 x Allen Key

1. No folding, in order to avoid damage to the skeleton material, cause negative impact on the strength of the timing belt.
2. Avoid contact with chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.).
3. Avoid contact with oil and water for a long-term.
4. When change the timing belt, the belt cannot take out unless the tension of the belt reduced to the lowest level and cannot use non-professional tools to pry it down.
The timing belt made of premium rubber, fiberglass reinforced, more durable and flexible. Easy to cut by normal scissors
GT2/2GT timing belt kit is designed specifically for linear movement and precision, high positioning accuracy
GT2/2GT timing belt system round tooth profile guarantees that the belt tooth fits smoothly
Pulley wheel with 20 teeth or grooves is one of the best choices for 3d printer construction which minimizes the risk of the belt slipping
Belt Splicing:1/Complete it by looping end around carriage and use a ziptye to secure it , repeat on other end.2/Press the pressurized heating machine to set a certain time and pressure, when cooled down, it will be completed after a certain period of time.3/Solvent glue with high molecular weight glue