YLY CR-10S 3D Printer with Filament Monitor Upgraded Control Board and Dual Z Lead Screw




Price: $895.37

The CR-10S comes with dual Z-axis lead screws powered by two NEMA 17 stepper motors. Having a dual Z-axis design helps to insure a more stable operation at all heights, as the two motors work together to keep the entire assembly level which ensures each layer is exactly the same height. These motors offer the perfect balance of efficiency and torque to lift the extruder as much as 16 inches high over the build plate all while staying quiet and saving power. Now you have got the power to build higher than ever before.

Ergonomic Bed Leveling

The CR-10S has oversized and ergonomic bed leveling knobs that take all of the pain out of ensuring your printing platform is completely flat and level. The large size makes fine tuning a breeze compared to the small wing-nuts on competitors printers.

V-Slot Wheels

These wheels are quieter and more efficient than all previous methods. The Delrin plastic is used for its resistance to temperature and wear as well as its ability to hold its shape despite heavy and extended use. These wheels fit perfectly into the aluminum extrusion slots on the frame giving a solid bond between any moving parts and the frame. This results in dramatic reductions of wobble in moving parts as well as vibration and sound reductions thanks to the plastic wheels.

Never Lose Your Progress

While a printer is running for over 15 hours straight to complete your latest XL model, a simple 3 second power outage could spell disaster if your printer does not have our innovative “Resume Print” function. Should the CR-10S experience any unexpected power outage, the advanced control board will save the last position of the extruder. Once power is restored, the user can resume from that point.

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Filament Monitor: The CR-10S comes with a convenient monitor that will detect when the printer has run out of filament, automatically pausing the print, and will alert the user to restock the filament before continuing. Say goodbye to wasted filament and time
Dual Z Axis: Dual lead screw Z axis design, gives much more stability and accuracy than single lead screw models sold by the competition.
Resume Print: The new upgraded control board enables the capacity to resumes printing after changing filament, power outage, or any other unexpected stoppage.
Headache-Free Assembly: The CR-10S is shipped partially assembled in 3 parts, it is easy to complete the assembly process. Takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble.