WitBot TMC2130 V1.1 SPI Motor Driver Silent Board with Warmth Sink and A Aet Wire for 3D Printer (Pack of four)



Value: $34.99

This module is much like TMC2100, which is able to generate numerous warmth vitality when it working.
Subsequently, warmth sink and warmth dissipation fan should be added to chill it down in the course of the use, which cut back the prevalence of losting steps and operating deviation
Working Mode: Dir Step SPI
MicroPlyer Mode: As much as 256 Driver
Present: As much as 2A Enter
  Voltage:four.75-46V DC Logical Voltage:Three-5V
RDSon: ≥zero.5Ω 
SpreadCyle: Sure 

Observe:1. When selecting SPI working mode, please use soldering iron rigorously to forestall scalding palms. When you’ve completed processing, it is best to rigorously observe whether or not there’s residual tin residue within the module. It’s essential to clear it as much as stop it from inflicting the module to brief circuit and burn down.
  2.If you join, please take note of the road sequence and IO port. The improper connection will instantly trigger the driving force to fail to work.
Three.If you insert the driving force into the motherboard, you need to be cautious to see the driving force course clearly. And should not insert the driving force backwards to forestall the drive from burning.
four.The motive force should do job of warmth dissipation earlier than working (warmth sink + cooling fan) to forestall the driving force from working abnormally.TMC2130-V1.1 is a brand new module that’s optimized and upgraded to resolve the issue that older drivers can’t select to make use of the SPI working mode
SPI working mode of TMC2130-v1.1 can instantly choose driver present, driver subdivision and different parameters by way of firmware.
Utilizing sequexternal sequencers that cut back the workload of the chip and successfully keep away from issues corresponding to operating deviation, losting step and fault attributable to the overload of the chip.
The TMC2130 driver is a 256-segment, which should be paired with a warmth sink and a fan for warmth dissipation.
Good to work with ramps 1.6 ,mks gen v1.four,tango v1.zero and so forth.