WitBot MKS Gen L V1.zero Controller Board Built-in mainboard Appropriate Ramps1.four/Mega2560 R3 Assist a4988/DRV8825/TMC2100



Worth: $22.99

1.Customers can change their very own motor drive, assist 4988 drive and 8825 drive, TMC2100 drive.The exterior drive sign is reserved, and the 57 or 86 motor might be pushed by a big exterior drive.

2.The secure and dependable filter circuit enormously reduces the opportunity of interference, and the most definitely to keep away from the phenomenon of useless machine and operating within the printing course of.

three.Plug the motive force in response to the completely different shade terminals,to keep away from the injury attributable to the reversed connection.

four. Please don’t insert or pull the motor and driver beneath the situation of power-on, which can trigger the motive force to burn out. Additionally don’t regulate the present through the operation of the motor.

5.You want first disconnect the ability, take away the motor, after which re-power, regulate the potentiometer, measure the voltage on the potentiometer till the measured voltage is identical as anticipated. Don’t insert the reverse drive, in any other case it would burn out the drive and even burn the motherboard.Aiming on the issues exist on the open sourced controller board equivalent to Ramps 1.four, the builders in Makerbase specifically optimize and develop a brand new product, MKS Gen_L, which gives extra versatile decisions for customers.
Use prime quality MOSFET tube,higher cooling and extra secure.Use particular energy chip,assist 12-24V enter,to resolve the issues of chip heating and energy scarcity.
Mega 2560 & Ramps 1.four are built-in within the board,which designed to keep away from sophisticated connections.Run Marlin firmware,and out there to straight change the Ramps 1.four.
Assist direct connection of 2004LCD,12864LCD,TFT28 and TFT32.
XTZ axis with completely different shade terminal controls the motors and endstops,which is handy to wire.


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