Winbo Super Helper SH155L Multi-functional 3D Printer for Sales+Laser Engraving+Cutting Build Size:155155205mm(black)





Super Helper SH155L(3 in 1) 3D Printing+Laser Engraving +Laser Cutting
Build Size:155×155×205 mm
Machine size: 308×340×425 mm
Carton Size: 390×355×470 mm
Machine weight: 4.0 kg
Shipping weight: 5.7 kg
Nozzle Temperature: 0 – 240 ℃
Nozzle Heating Time: <2 mins ( under Environment Temperature 26 ℃)
Print Technology: FDM( Fused Deposition Modeling )
Printing Materials:Φ 1.75 mm PLA
Layer Thickness: 0.04 – 0.25 mm
Nozzle Moving Speed: 50 – 100 mm / s
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Positioning Precision: Z: 0.00025 mm;X Y: 0.0125 mm
AC Input: 100 – 240 V,50 – 60 Hz
Machine Power: 45W(power saving)
File Format: stl
Print Format: .Gcode
Operation Software (3D printing):
Winware(recommended),Cura,Repetier-Host,Simplify3D,Slic3r, etc.
Supports: Windows
Suitable for Laser Engraving: Wood, Bamboo, Rubber, Plastics( like phone case), Metal (with coating), Glass (with coating), Paper, Leather( like wallet in dark color), Food and so on with non-metallic surface
Unsuitable for Laser Engraving : Metal (without coating) , Crystal, Glass (without coating), Ceramic, and other reflective materials
Suitable for Laser Cutting: Non-metallic thin materials like Paper, Cloth, Leather, Carpet, Light Wood, etc
Cutting Size: 155×155 mm
Engraving Height: 0-150 mm
Moving Speed: 20 – 50 mm / s
Positioning Precision: Z axis 0.00025 mm; XY axis 0.0125 mm
Laser Power: 500 mW
Laser Wavelengths: 405 nm
Laser Work Area: 155×155mm
Laser Color: Black
Laser Size: 25×25×25 mm
Laser Weight: 45 g/pc
Voltage: 24 V
Current: 210 mA
Laser Engraving & Cutting Software
File Format: bmp,jpg,jpeg,png
Print Format: .Gcode
Operation Software ( for Laser Engraving & Cutting):
Winlaser Supports: Windows
3D Design Software: Adobe PhotoShop ,Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc
The height can be cut :according to material ,soft wooden plate would be about 2mm1:3D printer with laser engraving function
2:Good quality assembled
3:Laser head included
4: Portable and easy use
5: Software and manual come in with the SD card in the tool package