Wiiboox PLA 3D Printer Filament 3D Printing Filament, 1.75mm Diameter, 1000g Spool, Blue



Price: $22.99

Material: Polylactic Acid (PLA); Diameter: 1.75mm; Weight: Gross Weight: 1kg (include spool); Net Weight: 0.7kg; Extruding Temperature: 190 – 220 Celsius; Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Nature, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow; PLA Temperature: Print at 180-200 degrees Celsius and while you can print without a heated bed, I recommend one running at 60 degrees Celsius. PLA Glass Transition Zone is 60 degrees Celsius. Strength: PLA can still print strong objects and layer bond is very strong if printed appropriately. However, it is a little more brittle. PLA printed parts may just shatter or chip when dropped or struck. Thin parts are more likely to snap than bend very far. Not recommended for. Objects that need to work under 60 degrees Celsius temperature, because it will start sagging; tool handles or parts that will be dropped repeatedly; also parts that have very thin portions will break after bending slightly. Ideal for boxes, gifts, models, prototype parts, outdoors also, while it does biodegrade, it does need a heated composting setup and it’s insoluble in water. Wiiboox filament is the best, safest, and most consistent filament for your 3D Printer. This is the highest quality components for producing successful 3D print and compatible with all 1.75mm printers.1.75mm diameter, 1kg net weight(spool not included)
Polylactic acid (PLA) filament, made of corn fibre, disposible and envirenment friendly, no odor while printing
Melting temperature at 190 to 220 degrees Celsius
Compatible with Wiiboox One, One Mini, One Pro and Company 3d printer, easy to use
Airtight sealed in a plastic zippered bag with desiccant


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