Wiiboox ABS 3D Printer Filament 3D Printing Filament for 3D Printer, 1.75mm Diameter, 1000g, Orange

19.99$ 15.80$


Price: $19.99 - $15.80

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Diameter: 1.75mm
Weight: Gross Weight: 1kg (include spool), Net Weight: 0.7kg
Extruding Temperature: 190 – 220 Celsius
Colors: Black, BAlue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Skin, Purple, Yellow, White

Print at 210-240 Celsius with a heated bed at 80 Celsius or more. ABS has a Glass Transition Zone (The temperature that the plastic starts to soften) of 105 Celsius.
ABS is a rather strong plastic if printed at sufficient temps to get a great layer bond. ABS has a decent amount of flex to it and it tends to bend rather than snap when put under pressure.
Not recommended for
Creating objects if you don’t have a heated bed and can’t protect objects from breeze;
Using ABS in a room bad ventilated.
Ideal for
making objects that might be dropped, put in hot environments or used in a rough manner. Think of knife handles, phone cases or wedding rings.

Wiibook filament is the best, safest, and most consistent filament for your 3D Printer. This is the highest quality components for producing successful 3D print and compatible with all 1.75mm printers.1.75mm diameter, 1kg gross weight
ABS plastic
Melting temperature at 190 to 220 degrees Celsius
Compatible with Wiiboox One, One Mini, One Pro and Company 3d printer, easy to use
Airtight sealed in a plastic zippered bag with desiccant