UP Fila Premium ABS 3D Printer Filament, Low Odor, Consistent 1.75mm Diameter,1KG (500g×2 Rolls), Green



Price: $40.00

Tier time FINAL SALES in 2018- BUY 4 BOXES of filament get 1 box for free COMBINATION, such as 2 of ABS white plus 2 of ABS black or 3 of ABS white plus 1 of ABS black, total Qty required: 4! ! ! NOTES! ! ! Please select the seller “Tier time 3D Printer Store” and then proceed to checkout. We will ship the additional box of fila once you placed the order. The ABS/Green (2x500g rolls) is 2 x 500 g (1. 10 lb. ) spool of Green ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic formed as a continuous, 1. 75 mm diameter filament. The filament is used to fill the material reservoir of a 3D printer (sold separately) and has a print temperature at about 270 ̊C. It is rolled on a spool for mounting onto a 3D printer’s spool holder (sold separately). ABS plastic has good impact resistance, chemical resistance and heat stability.Capable of producing finely detailed prints
Works well without cooling fan Good bonding with Acrylic
More flexible, resilient and durable
Stable and long lasting. Will not break-down but can be recycled
Ideal for working parts and functional prototypes