T8 Lead Screw Kit, MYSWEETY 3D Printer Accessories Kit, 500mm Stainless Steel T8 Trapezoidal Lead Screw KFL08 bearing Stepper Motor Nema 17 For 3D Printer Hobby CNC Router XYZ




Lead screw:
Material: stainless steel
Diameter: 8mm
Pitch: 2mm
Lead: 4
Total Length: 500MM

Screw nut:
Material: brass
Diameter: 8mm
Pitch: 2mm

Shaft coupling:
Material: aluminium
Shaft: 6.35 x 8mm
Length: 25mm
Diameter: 18mm

Nema 17 Stepper motor:
Motor Length: 40mm
Phase Resistance: 1.5Ohm
Phase Inductance: 2.8mH
Detent Torque: 2.2N.cm
Rotor Inertia: 54g.cm2
Holding Torque: 40N.cm
Step angle: 1.8 deg
Step angle accuracy: + – 5%(full step, not load)
Resistance accuracy: + – 10%
Inductance accuracy: + – 20%

How to install:
1. Pls put screw nut into the Lead screw.
2.Then the 2 Mounted ball bearing separately install at both ends of the Lead screw.
3. According to the size of you need to adjust the distance between the nut and Mounted ball bearing.
4. Put shaft coupling into the Lead screw beside the Mounted ball bearing.

Package Included:
1x Lead screw
2x Mounted ball bearing
1x Shaft coupling
1x Stepper motorPackage include: 3D printer accessories kit(1xscrew + 1xstepper motor + 2xball supports + 1xshaft coupling+1xscrew nut).
Lead Screw: Material: Stainless stell; Diameter: 8mm; Pitch: 2mm; Length: 500mm. Mounted Ball Bearing: Material: Zinc alloy; Bore diameter: 8mm.
Lead screw mainly used in stepper motor, machine tool, and other equipment. Lead screw without processing, direct connected to bearing.
Suitable for industrial automation equipment, stepper motor rails; such as 3D printers; engraving machine; XYZ module; slider; lifts etc.
Large torque, small vibration, high-quality, low noise!