Sparkmaker 3D Printer SLA Resin LCD-T(500g)



Worth: $56.66

Issues needing consideration
1. The resin and the printed mannequin don’t eat.
2. The resin should away from kids and pets.
three. The resin should keep away from contact with pores and skin and it is best to put on gloves.
four. The resin ought to shake nicely earlier than use and retailer in a darkish place.
5. Wash with cleaning soap and water if the resin persist with the pores and skin or into the eyes.Photosensitive resin for 3d printing with excessive worth – efficiency ratio. Protected, small odor, low irritation.
To be used in SLA UV gentle supply 3d printers & ABS Alike, Tremendous robust, clear and might even be used to engineering parts.
To be used PEFT movie or FEP movie resin tank, and its curing wavelength between 355-420nm.
Could be combined coloured pigment into completely different colours.
This resin supplies an excellent end and really feel.It was designed to simulate ABS plastic and has a comparable tensile power and modulus.