Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like 3D Printer Resin 405nm UV-Curing 8K Resin Easy to Print Non-Brittle High Precision Standard Photopolymer Resin 3D Print Liquid for LCD DLP 3D Printing(Metal Grey, 1kg)


Price: $34.49 - $29.04
(as of Oct 11, 2023 05:46:58 UTC – Details)

【Low Odor and Easy to Clean】Siraya Tech fast ABS-Like resin produces little order in the 3D printing process and is not unpleasant. And Siraya Tech fast resin is very easy to clean. After you print, you only need an air gun and alcohol spray to rinse it off, avoiding sticky after printing the model.
【High Precision and Great Details】Siraya Tech 3D printing resin is the choice of many professional model lovers. Metal Grey is a darker grey, which increases its visual resolution for stunning colour effects and greater detail., and is an excellent choice for 3D precision printing.
【Great Resolution and Surface Finish】Siraya Tech ABS-like resin have great color, and the printed model has high resolution and smooth surface. This makes your models look great while reducing the time needed in postprocessing.
【Wide Applications】Siraya Tech standard 3D printer resin is highly compatible with most LCD and DLP 3D printers and 8K capable. This fast ABS-Like resin has a wide range of applications, from tabletop models to industrial parts, especially suitable for small and half-length models.