SainSmart Light Weight Filament 1.75mm, LW-PLA Low-Density Active Foaming 3D Printer Filament for RC Planes Drone Parts and Cosplay, White PLA Filament, 1KG


Price: $49.99 - $43.99
(as of Oct 06, 2023 12:15:48 UTC – Details)


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SainSmart Logo Brand Story

SainSmart Logo Brand Story

SainSmart has served the maker community for years. As time went on and the maker movement continued to grow so did our product selection that now includes 3D printers, filament, and accessories, we continue to provide quality 3D Printing products with great value and performance to our customers.

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[2X 3D Prints with One Spool]: The foaming expansion of this LW PLA filament makes it possible for you to print at up to 2X Material flow so that you can print more with less material. One LW PLA roll equals up to 2.2 ordinary PLA rolls.
[Unlimited Customization]: The LW PLA filament will start expanding with certain printing temperatures above 210 ℃. By adjusting the printing temperature, speed, and flow during your print, you can customize the expansion effect by using different temperatures and speeds in a section on a model for varied density.
[Smooth Finish & Paint Friendly]: Models printed with this LW PLA filament has a smooth matte surface with minimum layer lines. The improved paint adhesion also sets no limit on your creativity.
[Perfect Materials for RC Planes]: The expanding property of this PLA Filament allows for excellent layer bonding, better drop resistance and repairability. In combination with the low-density feature, making this filament a perfect option for RC Planes and Drones Parts, Cosplay Models.