RESIONE 3D Printer Resin, TH72 Flexible Tough Resin with Long-Lasting Toughness and High Elongation, 3D Printing Impact Resistant for Figurines


Price: $49.99 - $33.59
(as of Oct 10, 2023 23:45:32 UTC – Details)

Long-lasting toughness: TH72 prints will not become brittle over time. After a long time of outdoor environment test in subtropical summer (dozens of days of sunshine and rainy weather) and 8-hour high temperature drying at 50-60 ℃, the prints still maintain toughness and strength, the weather resistance is good.
Hollowed out prints will not crack: The hollowed out model often crack slowly because the interior cannot be completely cleaned and cannot be post-cured. TH72 will not, allowing you to save more material
Very low water absorption: Water Absorption(48hr) 0.6%, it performs quite well in 3d printer resins, which makes the printed parts not soften due to high air humidity and not crack due to long-term moisture absorption.
As a toughening agent for other resins: The RESIONE team tested that TH72 was added to the rigid/standard resin. When the proportion of TH72 in the mixed resin is 40%, the toughness of the rigid/standard resin is significantly improved and the strength is sufficient.