ReliaBot V Slot Wheel and Acrylic Carriage Plate with Screws, Self-Locking Nuts and Eccentric Spacer for 3D Printer and CNC Machine



Price: $19.99

Packing list:
4 * Acrylic Carriage Plate (one of them is backup)
9 * V slot wheel
9 * M5x35 screw
9 * M5 self-locking nut
3 * Eccentric Spacer
3 * Short ABS Spacer
6 * Long ABS Spacer
3 * SpacerSuitable for 20 series V slot aluminium profile
Comes with M5x35 screws, M5 self-locking nuts and eccentric spacers
Used with v slot aluminum profiles, it can replace MGN12 linear rail and MGN12H carriage block to a certain extent
Can install 3 pulley guide components with these parts