Quacoww 22 Pcs MK8 Extruder 7 Size 3D Printer Nozzles with 10 Pcs 7 Size Cleaning Needless and Storage Box



Price: $8.39

Input Diameter: 1.75mm

Material: Brass

22 3d printer nozzles, a total of 7 sizes 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm

Stainless steel cleaning needle for cleaning the nozzle blockage, not easy to break, durable

Small accessories placed in a position that children cannot touch.

Products include:

2 x 0.2mm printer nozzle

2 x 0.3mm printer nozzle

10 x 0.4mm printer nozzle

2 x 0.5mm printer nozzle

2 x 0.6mm printer nozzle

2 x 0.8mm printer nozzle

2 x 1.0mm printer nozzle

4 x 0.4mm cleaning needle3D printer nozzle size and quantity: 0.2mm x 2, 0.3mm x 2, 0.4mm x10, 0.6mm x 2, 0.8mm x2, 1.0mm x 2, a total of 22 pieces
Material: Brass
Parameters: applicable to 1.75mm 3D printer consumables; thread: M6
Cleaning needle: The above 7 sizes are equipped with special stainless steel cleaning needles, 4 pieces of 0.4mm size, and 1 piece of each other, a total of 10 pieces
Small items, please stay away from children