PLA 3D Pen Filament 1.75mm No Bubble 3D Drawing Pen Filament for Children Explore Creation Gadget 5m/10m Random Color (Color : PLA 10M Random Color)


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3D printing pen wire
PLA filament is a non-toxic, low shrinkage and degradable material
ABS filament has excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and dyeability. The support material can be easily moved.
PCL filament is a low melting point material. Safe children’s graffiti, DIY materials.
No air bubbles.
product description
Product name: ABS / PLA / PCL 3d refill refill
Length: 5m or 10m per bag
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm
Color: ABS / PLA (20 colors (16 common colors + 4 luminous colors))
PCL (10 normal colors)
If you want a certain color, please leave a message
Recommended printing temperature: PLA 190-210℃
ABS 220-240℃
PCL 60-90℃

Tolerance: + -0.02mm
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Printing temperature: 190-220 degrees
Length: 10m / 5m