PEAKACE PETG Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printer Filament, 1kg Filament (2.2lbs), 340 Meters,Dimensional Accuracy 99% Probability +/- 0.03 mm, Fit Most FDM Printer,Clear


Price: $13.99
(as of Nov 20, 2023 11:29:14 UTC – Details)

【Tangle Free& No Plugging】Better flow of no plugging premium 1.75mm PETG filament. It has consistent diameter & roundness, less stringing and warping, strong layer adhesion. Article-free and impurity-free.
【High Precision +/- 0.03mm Tolerance】PETG 3D filament(Tolerance Level : ± 0.03mm). 1KG 3d printer filament reel, perfect roundness and very tight diameter tolerance , approximately 340 meters of filament on each spool ease of use, minimal warping, no clogging, no bubbles. Increase your 3d printing objects delicacy.
【Neatly Wound Filament 】PEAKACE has a professional production line with strict control of neatly lined up lines to avoid knots during printing. Completely mechanical wire winding and strict manual checks to ensure neat lines with few kinks, avoiding possible breaks.
【High Compatiblity & Vacuum Pack PETG Filament】Compatible with 99% FDM 3D printers (with heated beds) and 3D pen.Vacuum packed neatly arranged PEAKACE PETG filament, provide better 3D printing result.