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< POUPCIRCLESEVENTION In a world where the mentally fragile have strange dreams of miles-high giants lugging around; a strange statue at the American Archaeology Conference has caused an archaeologist to Experiencing horrific memories of demon worship; Inspector Legras capturing a group of voodoo cultists performing blasphemous sacrifices in a swamp forest… These unrelated events, led by a beast-like hand, are inexplicable The horror and strangeness of the sea stretched out to the seaside of the night, and the ancient and mysterious power of the seabed was just about to move, and the paranoia awakened again and dominated everything. "In Lalaiye's mansion, the dead Cthulhu waits to fall asleep", the ancient old master Cthulhu let out a slumbering roar, and the indistinct fragments entered everyone's dream, calling for its follower…