NACTECH 5Pcs Stepper Damper NEMA 17 Steel & Rubber Stepper Motor Spacer Damper Vibration Shock Absorber Pad Washer with 10Pcs M3 5mm Screws for CNC 3D Printer Ender 3 Creality CR-10 CR-10S

15.99$ 13.69$


Price: $15.99 - $13.69

Are you looking for good Stepper Steel and Rubber Vibration Dampers for reducing noise and resonance of the CNC and 3D printer, improving the printing speed?
This 5 pcs stepper dampers kit can help you to slove this problem.
Question: How do you compensate for the 6mm offset?
Answer: You move the limit switches by 6mm. 
Question: Why the product surface finish look terrible/dirty?
Answer: Because it is produced in large quantities by machines, it causes oil stains, but they are never used before.
Question: How to clean them up halfway decently and will be keeping them for printer?
Answer: A little soap and water and then some sandpaper on the flat surface to clean off any stubborn residue.

Resonance is caused by parts vibrating in concert with each other, which can be lessened by fitting a stepper motor anti vibration damper.
Bought these to damper the sound of your Ender 3/ CR-10 / CR-10s 3D printer.
Also to help you work quietly next to the printer.
Even go to sleep without closing the door from the living room.
Note that since they move the motor mount position slightly, you may need to print a simple plastic spacer to keep alignment or avoid conflict with moving parts. It’s really easy- check Thingiverse.

1/ You have to file down two locating lugs on one side.
2/ no screws supplied so have to use your screws and find two screws to attach the X axis stepper motor.
Applicable to 42 type stepping motor, eliminating vibration and effectively improving 3D printing quality!
Package List:
5 Pcs Nema 17 stepper motor damper
10 Pcs M5 x 5mm Stainless Steel Screws
【Material】 Nema17 stepper dampers are manufacture with good metal and rubber material, which are has good wear-resisting performance and come with 10pcs size M5 x 5mm stainless steel screws
【Design for Reducing The Noise 】 Installe damper on X and Y stepers on an Ender 3 3D Printer, which can effectively reduce the noise produced by step motor vibrations, even can now sleep with the printer running in the same room
【Wide Application】Stepper motor damper are actually work and do reduce vibrations and noise. Widely used for 3D printer fittings, Ender 3, Creality CR-10 / CR-10s, prusa i3 mk2, especially suitable for CNC 3D printer stepper motor
【Anti-collision】Due to the high hardness of 3D vibration dampers, they resist strong collisions and protect your machine during printing.
【Suitable Size】The thickness 6mm, the length of the side 39mm, the aperture diameter 2.1cm / 0.8 inches. Since the parts are mass produced by the machine, there may be some oil or rust, but they have never been used.