Mosaic Palette2_1.75mm Palette 2 for Multi-Material 3D Printing on 1.75mm Printers




Price: $599.00

Palette 2 combines 4 filaments and feeds them into your printer in real time. No modifications required. Palette 2 splices together filament and feeds it to your printer in real time! Includes a 9-month or 25,000 splice warranty (whichever comes first).The latest palette technology! print multi-material creations using 1 extruder
Colorful: print objects in brilliant color using 4+ colors of pla, abs, or petg
Soluble: print impossible overhangs with most soluble supports
Flexible: create functional, end-use products by combining pla with flexible filaments
Compatible with large majority of 1.75 printers: Raise3D N-Series, MakerGear, Robo, gCreate, CR-10, Original Prusa, Printrbot, SeeMeCNC, Wanhao i-Series, TEVO, Anet, BEEVERYCREATIVE, RepRap, and more!