MK2B Heated Bed with Soldered NTC 3950 Thermistor and Borosilicate Glass Sheet– 3D Printer PCB Heatbed for MakerBot RepRap UP Mendel I3 Printer



Price: $39.54

3D Printer PCB Heatbed Combo

Keeping your 3D print warm during the entire process can be the difference between a great final result and a disappointment. This PCB hot bed is designed to keep the material malleable and avoid the edges of your model cooling faster than the interior, which can lead to warping.

Improving adhesion and maintaining a flat base on the print bed, the MK2B hot bed includes a soldered 100K ohm NTC 3950 thermistor and soldered power cord, making this heated bed ready to use. It is finished with a Borosilicate glass sheet over the print bed, for a flat and even surface that can withstand higher temperatures than standard sheet glass without cracking or shattering.

Featuring red solder mask and white silkscreen on both sides, the 12V or 24V 3D Printer Heated Bed is designed for the MakerBot RepRap UP Mendel I3 Printer, and measures 214mm x 214mm (8.4 in x 8.4 in).


  • MK2B: 12V or 24V Heated Bed
  • 214mm x 214 mm (8.4 in x 8.4 in)
  • Thermistor included: 100K ohm NTC 3950, soldered and installed
  • Soldered power leads
  • Borosilicate Glass: 3mm thick, 214mm x 200mm, will not interfere with MK2B mounting screws
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    PCB HEATBED: Keep your print model warm and malleable to improve adhesion and prevent warping during the printing process for a spectacular final result.
    GLASS SHEET: The heat bed combo includes a Borosilicate glass sheet suitable for high temperatures to create a flat, even surface.
    COMPATABILITY: MK2B 214mm x 214 mm (8.4 in x 8.4 in) 12V or 24V Hot Bed for MakerBot RepRap UP Mendel I3 Printer.
    NO SOLDERING REQUIRED: The PCB Heat Bed is supplied with integrated 100K ohm NTC 3950 Thermistor, and soldered power leads.
    AMX3D ACCESSORIES: The best 3D Prints start with the best tools! AMX3d provides 3D printing supplies of the highest quality. If there are any problems with your Heat Bed just let us know!