MINGDA 3D Printer D2 with Dual Z, Direct Drive Extruder, TMC2208 Silent Board, Filament Detector, Resume Printing, DIY 3D Printing Kit for Beginners, 230x230x260mm
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MINGDA 3D Printer D2 with Dual Z, Direct Drive Extruder, TMC2208 Silent Board, Filament Detector, Resume Printing, DIY 3D Printing Kit for Beginners, 230x230x260mm




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MINGDA D2 FDM 3D Printer, Economical DIY 3D Printer Kit for Beginners and Enthusiast

mingda D2

MINGDA D2 FDM 3D Printer with Removable Magnetic Build Plate

Why choose MINGDA?

MINGDA is a professional 3D printer manufacturer since 2009, focusing on 3D printing for more than ten years, we have rich experience in the field of 3D printing.

We own more than 30 technical staff to provide professional technical support to all customers.

MINGDA is devoted to provide high quality and economical 3D printers, excellent after-sales service to all customers.

The MINGDA D2 is a high-quality and affordable 3D printer designed for beginners, compared with other 3D printers, D2 has more features such as dual screw rod Z axis, filament direct drive(proximal extruder), filament detector, TMC2208 ultra quiet printing, 3.5inch HD colorful touch screen, magnetic bed mat, LED light, limit switch, standard SD card and USB connector, 3 steps assemble(95% pre-assembled)

dual Z

dual Z

direct drive

direct drive

filament runout sensor

filament runout sensor

Dual Leadscrew Z axis

Different from others beginner printers, our 3D printer equipped with a double screw Z axis to ensure more accurate and stable printing.

Direct Drive Extruder

Direct drive extruder for filament, strong proximal extrusion is more efficient than distal extrusion, ensure more delicate and accurate printing.

Filament Run Out Detector

Equipped with a filament detector on the top, printer will automatically suspend printing when the filament run out or break. safer printing.

silent printingsilent printing

Silent Printing

Built-in 5 group TMC2208 step motor driver on the motherboard, there is almost no sound when the printer is working, noiseless printing.

build platebuild plate

Removable Build Surface Plate

MINGDA D2 Come with a magnetic mat on the printing bed, the mat is flexible, so you can easily remove the model without tool.

You can also replace it with glass bed(not inclued).

resume printing

resume printing

touch screen

touch screen

led light

led light

Resume Printing

MINGDA D2 can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power outages, so that avoid reprinting, saving time and filament.

3.5 inch colorful touch screen

Equipped with a 3.5 inch HD colorful touch screen for operating, easy to use.

Say goodbye to those non-touchable LCD screen printers now.

Led light

There is a colorful LED light next to the extruder, you can clearly see the printing details.

Actually, it’s a warning light, please stay away from the extruder to avoid burns.

【Dual Z Axis】MINGDA D2 equipped with dual leadscrew rod Z axis, which ensure the Z axis more stable to move. The babystep functions allow you can adjust the layer distance when printing, easy to print high precision models.
【Direct Drive 3D Printer】Use direct drive extruder for pushing filament, which means more efficient to print, especially when you printing the flexible filament TPU.
【TMC2208 Silent Printing】Built in 5 groups TMC2208 on MINGDA self-developed motherboard, the printer is absolutely noiseless to print.
【Filament Detection&Resume Printing】Come with filament run out detector, the printer will automatically stop printing and issue an alert when the filament run out or break. Resume printing ensure you can print from the last position, save filament and time.
【100% Satisfaction Warranty】We attach great importance to our customers’ problem, please feel free to contact our support if you have any problems with this printer, we will try our best to help you. we can provide free replacement parts. user community on facebook MINGDA DIY 3D printer user group.