MG Origins 3D Printing Silicone Design Mat & 3D Pen Template Pad for Adults & Kids | Works with Any 3D Printer Filament or 3D Drawing Pens | Draw Like a Professional | Pack of 2 – Green & Blue

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Price: $27.99 - $12.99

An unsteady hand is the biggest barrier standing between you and the 3D structure of your dreams.

Unless you’re an architect or an artist, it’s near impossible to create anything but a sad clump of melted filaments with freehand 3D pen printing.

Fortunately for most of us who are not gifted with professional dexterity, there’s MG Origins’ 3D Printing Pen Silicone Design Mat.

Our mat is built to be the foundation of great 3D works-literally. MG Origins’ 3D Printing Pen Silicone Design Mat brings the structure required to bring your art to life, whether you’re working with plastic, nylon, copper, or wood.

Deep, defined groves and shape templates grant expert control to even novice creators and kids. And when you’re ready to start drawing freehand, simply flip the mat and use the smooth underside.

A non-stick surface makes it easy to pop cooled filament structures off the mat, as well as clean any residual filaments from the grooves.

And that’s not all. Along with the features above, the mat also comes with valuable perks and freebies:

✅ Ultra-portable. Because our mat is made of silicone, you can take it anywhere you go without worrying about space. Simply roll it up and shove it in your bag for when creativity strikes.

 ✅ A lifetime warranty. While our mat will not be able to withstand the heat death of the sun, it is heat and melt-proof up to 260° C, guaranteed. If it doesn’t hold up to that promise, we’ll gladly replace it.

Drawing with a 3D printing pen doesn’t have to be frustratingly hard. Click “Add to Cart” to start building great things TODAY!📐 WORKS WITH ALL 3D PENS AND FILAMENTS – The MG Origins’ 3D Printing Mat is suitable for all types of pens and filaments. Regardless of skill level and medium, the only limit is your imagination!
📐 DESIGNED FOR MAX PRECISION AND CONTROL – Trace patterns easily using deep, clearly defined groves on the mat. With these groves, even the shakiest of hands can achieve expert-level control.
📐 BUILT IN GRIDS FOR SHAPES – Shapes are scary. But thanks to the mat’s multi-shape draw figures, you no longer have to fear wasting filament on lopsided circles and shaky rectangles.
📐 EASY TO CLEAN – Effortlessly wick away leftover filaments thanks to the mat’s non-stick surface. Its compact size allows you to take it with you anywhere you go!
📐 HEAT RESISTANT – MG Origins’ 3D Printing Mat is made of heat resistant silicone. It can withstand temperatures of up to 260° C, which makes it melt-proof against most filaments.