Makerbot Replicator 2 Supplies, 10 Painters Tape 12″ x 7.25″ Blue Square Sheets – 3M ScotchBlue 2090 Sticks to the Bed Plate – Better than Kapton Reduce Problem Models Warping from Extruder Printing Plastic Filament – 3D Printer Parts Kit for Sale




This Rectangle Piece of Painters Tape will cover most (if not all) 3D Printer Print Beds with one single piece. Perfect for easy application to your print bed, no need to try and line up multiple pieces of 2 or 3in painters tape. Plastic and Wood filaments alike will stick to this tape, but come off with relative ease after printing is completed.

This tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage for up to 14 days, even in direct sunlight. It is a medium adhesion tape that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal.12in x 7.25in Tape Square – 10 Sheets
Perfect Tape to use for your 3D Printer
Prints come off cleanly with no lines on the bottom from multiple pieces of tape.
Applies to the surface cleanly, and easily with easy re position just lift off and reapply.
Just like the tape that comes packaged with a Replicator 2 to be used on the Printer Plate