Lulzbot NinjaFlex TPE 3D Printer Filament, 0.75 kg Reel, 3 mm, Water



Price: $64.99

NinjaFlex, a premium TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), performs with an exciting combination of elongation and elasticity. Simply put, it is the stretchiest material we’ve ever tested. NinjaFlex is a soft flexible filament that comes in 11 different colors that look beautiful after being printed. This filament’s soft flexibility, especially combined with its ability to bind to ABS when using a LulzBot FlexyDually Tool Head, make it ideal for prosthetics, costumes, wearables, cell phone cases, and other projects requiring flexible, elastic 3D printed items. NinjaFlex can be printed on all LulzBot printers, however it is so flexible it requires either the Flexystruder or FlexyDually Tool Head for optimal printing results.Hot-end print temperature 230°C
Adheres well to bare glass and PET or “painter’s tape” covered print beds. No bed heating required. We do not recommend printing NinjaFlex directly on PEI print beds
LulzBot TAZ owners should use a LulzBot FlexyStruder or FlexyDually tool head for optimal results when printing NinjaFlex
Durometer: 85A