LONGER Orange 30 3D Printer, Upgraded Resin SLA 3D Printer with 2K High-Resolution, Parallel LED Lighting, 4.72″x2.68″x6.69″ Large Printing Size, Off-line Printing
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LONGER Orange 30 3D Printer, Upgraded Resin SLA 3D Printer with 2K High-Resolution, Parallel LED Lighting, 4.72″x2.68″x6.69″ Large Printing Size, Off-line Printing




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LCD is a new technology of stereolithography(SLA) 3D printing. Compare to traditional SLA, LCD can be more valuable as it uses an array of LEDs shining through an LCD to project the UV light to cure the resin.

Longer brand is leading this new technology, as have a strong R&D team specializes in newest 3D printing technology and production&Quality system, always provide the best 3D printers to all valued-customers.

Orange 30 is the upgraded 3d printer, with higher precision and resolution, uniform matrix UV lighting, bigger printing size, more stable and durable, which can provide the best printing effect.

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Packing List

LONGER Orange 30 3D Printer provides all the necessary parts you need to start a perfect printing


Steel Shovel * 1

Resin Vat * 1

Gloves * 1

Allen wrench * 4

3M Funnel * 2; Poker Cards * 5

Power Adater * 1; Power Plug * 1

8G USB Disk * 1; User Manual * 1

LONGER Orange 30 3d printer makes life better!

2K with Larger Printing Size: 4.72×2.68×6.69 inches

Orange 30 is built-in 2k resolution LCD screen, which will provide more details on the printing of miniatures.

With 10/25/50ÎŒm layer thickness resolution, Orange30 would print with a more smooth surface and high precision of models.

Upgraded industrial design and user-friendly system, makes Orange30 printer suitable for anyone, even though you have never used a 3D printer before.

Printing Size: 4.72×2.68×6.69 inches

LCD Screen Resolution: 2K (2560 x 1440)

Light Source: integrated UV light (wavelength 405 nm)

Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.1mm

XY Resolution: 47.25ÎŒm

Printing Speed: 30 mm/h

Power Requirements: 100-240V, 12V / 6A 72W

Software: LongerWare/ChiTubox (Windows 32/64, MAC, Linux)







2k High Precision

2K 2560×1440 high-resolution LCD screen, pixel resolution up to 47.25ÎŒm, ensures super fine and smooth printing.

Unifrom Matrix Light

Integrated with our matrix UV LED Design, Orange30 will provide better performance on illuminant uniformity, intensity and shorter time of curing.

Fast and Smart Slicing

Self-developed slice software (LongerWare), easy to operate, one-click generates supports, and the slicing speed is three times faster than other printers. And compatible with Chitubox.







Friendly Touch Screen Design

Easy to use the full-color touch screen, easy to select file printing and preview the printing status real-time.

Fast Cooling System

LONGER Orange 30 has upgraded the cooling system, shorten the cooling time, increase machine’s using life.

Esay to Assemble and Use

Machine preassembled and easy setup, just 3 steps to finish and begin your printing.

【High Precision & Larger Printing Size】Orange 30 is a higher precision resin 3d printer, with built-in 2k LCD screen at 2560×1440 resolution and 47.25”m pixel size, offering bigger size of printing at 4.72 x 2.68x 6.69 inches; Improved solid linear guide and special slider design to enhance the accuracy and stability of Z axis.
【Uniform Matrix UV Lighting】Integrated with matrix UV LED arrays, Orange 30 provides better printing performance since the matrix illumination provides better uniformity, higher intensity and shorter time of curing.
【Easy Operation & Fast Slicing】 Full color touch screen. Real-time printing status preview. Easy leveling. Upgraded trough with scale, more convenient. LONGER self-developed slicing software, output 100M slicing file in 1 minute, 3 times faster. Smart support generation in one-click. Also supported by CHITUBOX.
【Fast Cooling & High Temperature Warning System】Temperature detection system included. The system will stop printing when temperature is too high. Equipped with high efficiency cooling system to improve lifespan of this 3D printer.
【Warranty and Service】NOTE: The printer comes without resin. 12-Month machine warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. High-efficiency and considerate community support on Facebook.