LL CR-10 3D Printer with Heated Bed and Large Build Volume 300X300X400mm




Price: $1,111.56

Extra-Large Build Platform
Measuring at nearly 12 inches by 12 inches square, the size of the CR-10 build plate goes nearly unrivaled in similar printers. The full height of the build space is 15.5 inches. This incredible build volume makes the CR-10 an excellent choice for any maker, hobbyist, educator or student who are looking to create wonderful and custom projects for work, education, or even just leisure. The heated bed has an operating range of up to 115*C which provides the necessary conditions for many high quality exotic or experimental filaments.

Larger Ergonomic Leveling Nuts
One of the most technical aspects of operating a 3d printer comes with leveling the bed. In order to make this process much easier for even the most basic of experience level, we include these extra large, oversized leveling nuts which help secure the hotbed to the printers Y-axis gantry. These large nuts allow for fine-tuning and more accurate adjustments which lead to higher print quality, more consistent and better results, and fewer headaches.

Superior Construction
The CR-10 features a 100% high-quality aluminum extrusion frame, and a nearly all-metal construction. These aluminum extrusions were selected for use in the CR-10’s design because of their structural integrity, interoperability, and for the great quality control process ensuring each piece is sturdy, is flat with no warping, and meets the mechanical tolerances required, making it perfect for use in 3D printing applications.

Watch as the printer automatically prints the layers on top of each other, one after another with incredible accuracy. The margin of error in the CR-10 is a minuscule .1 mm in both the X and Y axis, meaning that any errors in the printing process will be almost undetectable to the naked eye.
IF you have some question,please contact usIF you have some question,please contact us
SOLID, TIME-TESTED DESIGN: We deliver quality and value in the same package with this famed printer. Truly outstanding in its class, with one of the largest building surfaces at this price point. Perfect for beginners or experienced users.
MOST POPULAR: The CR-10 is the most popular 3d printer in the market for the past year. The overwhelmingly large community of users have left unique and positive feedback on almost every social media website.
EASY WIRING: We’ve taken care of all the wire and cable management. Package arrives with all wires fully installed on the control board and combined into convenient, organized bundles. Simply connect the control units clearly marked wires to the corresponding machine hardware.
HEADACHE-FREE ASSEMBLY: Delivered partially assembled in 3 parts. Full assembly can take less than 20 minutes.