LGDehome Auto Leveling Position Sensor for 3D Printer RepRap Anet A8 Prusa i3

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Price: $79.99 - $19.99

auto level sensor anet a8 and other 3d printer whose software support auto bed leveling

How To Work:
1.required SkyNet firmware update and sensor calibration checked the sensor’s functionality first and corrected the wiring prior to aware you WILL need to update your firmware to either Skynet3d or similar that is scripted to use and recognize the bed leveler.
3. the sensor worked great! got the bed leveled nicely using the leveling report using G28 (HOME) and then G29 (Bed Leveling). need to update to the latest Marlin for your Anet A8 to get the ability to do the G29 command though
4. needs 12volts or more to make it work right. Longer screws to attach. Sits behind your fan. Need to swap pins; Should be Blue Brown Black Doesn’t read through thick glass with 5volts

Package included:
1xAuto Leveling Position Sensor as picture showsDetection distance: 3.5mm
Working Voltage:DC 6-38V
Fit for: 3D Printer
Comes with mounting plate
100% Brand new and high quality!!