KELANT S500 Mono 3D Printer, LCD Resin Printer with 4K Screen, Z-axis Dual Linear Rail, Matrix Light Source, Printing Size 7.55″(L) x 4.72″(W) x 7.87″(H)
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KELANT S500 Mono 3D Printer, LCD Resin Printer with 4K Screen, Z-axis Dual Linear Rail, Matrix Light Source, Printing Size 7.55″(L) x 4.72″(W) x 7.87″(H)


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Product Description

Since 2012, KELANT has been manufacturing 3D printer parts. With years of experience in 3D printing, we have developed many of our own 3D printers using UV light curing technology. .

Excellent industrial design and user-friendly system, even if you have never used a 3D printer before, we still make KELANT S500 suitable for anyone to use.And the S500 uses the latest 4K monochrome screen for faster printing and higher screen resolution

The semi-assembled printer will save your setup time after you receive it, and you can start printing within 15 minutes.

“For faster transportation, printing consumables are not included in the package, please purchase separately”


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Package List

KELANT S500 3D Printer comes with a simple yet well-protect package box which contains all the necessary parts you need to start a perfect printing

S500 3D PRINTER * 1

Build Platform * 1

Resin Tank * 1

U Disk * 1; Scraper * 1


Z axis*1;Tool Kit*1

Screws * 1; Gloves * 2

User Manual* 1

Kelant S500 3d printer

Printing Parameter

System: KELANT L8.9 Series

Operation: 3.5 Inch Touch Screen

Slicer Software: ChiTu BOX Slicer

Connectivity: USB

Build Volume: 192*120*200mm

Printing Technology: LED Display Photocuring

Light Source: UV Integrated Light(wavelength 405nm)

XY Resolution: 0.05mm(3840*2400)

Z Axis Accuracy: 0.025mm

Layer Thickness: 0.025-0.2mm

Printing Speed: 60.0mm/h

Power Requirements: 110-220V, 24V 6A 144W

Print Format:ctb







Special LCD Screen

Kelant S500 not only uses the latest 4k monochrome screen, but also adds a protective film to the screen. The screen has a longer service life and the screen is not easily damaged.

Big Print Size

kelant s500 has a large print size of 192*120*200mm, leading most desktop printers in the market and meeting higher requirements

Effective Air Filtration System

Equipped with three fans, the 3D printer has a strong wind and dissipates heat faster, effectively reducing odors







Touch Screen

The Kelant S500 uses a 3.5inch touch screen, with clear fonts and clear icons

A stable Z-axis motion system

S500 adopts double linear guide rail design, greatly improving the stability of z-axis, positioning accuracy.

Unique industrial design

It is pre-calibrated before leaving the factory and can be printed immediately after assembly. The unique structural design makes the printing platform maintain high stability during the work process.The unique drawing process increases the adhesion between the model and the platform


3X Fast Printing: single-layer exposure only takes 1-2 seconds, and the printing speed is Max 60mm/h, which is 3 times faster than ordinary resin printers. Do you want to finish printing faster? This printer help you to obtain higher quality models in a shorter time.
4K monochrome screen: The Colum S500 is a new UV-curable 3D printer with ultra-high resolution (3840*2400 pixels) and high restore detail. The surface is covered with high-strength tempered glass, provides screen protection and has a life of up to 3,000 hours, making it more durable than unprotected 3D printers.
Double linear guide: Z-axis adopts the combination of double linear guide + screw motor + anti-clearance nut, which improves the stability of Z-axis, makes the operation more stable and eliminates the printing layer line
New Matrix UV Light Source: Using quartz lamp beads, a new generation of new matrix design, the light source is more uniform, and it can be used with 4K monochrome screen to achieve high-precision printing. The resin 3D printer contains exclusive UV heat dissipation channels, which can efficiently cool down.
Offline printing on usb flash disk: place the sliced data on USB flash disk and print immediately. Printing parameters can be adjusted at any time. In order to meet the needs of the larger model, the printing volume is amazing, the printing size is 192 * 120 * 200mm