KeeYees 5M GT2 Timing Belt 6mm Width + 4pcs 20 Teeth 5mm Bore Belt Pulley Wheel + 4pcs Idler + 4pcs Tensioner Spring Torsion + 2pcs Gear Clamp Mount Block with Allen Wrench for 3D Printer RepRap



Price: $14.99

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GT2 Timing Belt:
Type: GT2
Material: Rubber
Shape: Open timing belt
Length: 5m
Width: 6mm
Pitch: 2mm

GT2 Pulley:
Teeth: 20
Total width: 16mm
Diameter of bore: 5mm
Groove width: 7mm
Flange: Dual
Material: Aluminium

Teeth: 20
Diameter of bore: 5mm
Total width: 8.5mm
Material: Aluminium

Timing Belt Tensioner Spring:
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Inner Diameter: 5mm
Wire Diameter: 0.8mm
Circle number: 7
Suitable for 6mm timing belt
Easily added the right amount of tension to the belt

Mounting block:
Material: Aluminum
Teeth width: 0.85mm
Teeth depth: 0.9mm
Pitch: 1.1mm (the groove part)
Size: 9 x 40mm, the middle hole M4 is mounting hole.

Package Includes:
1 x 5M GT2 Timing Belt
4 x GT2 Pulley
4 x Idler
4 x Tension Spring
8 x Screws
2 x Mounting block
1 x Allen Wrench
Timing belt: The timing belt is made of premium rubber, durable and flexible. It’s designed specifically for linear motion, high positioning accuracy. Round tooth profile guarantees that the belt tooth fits smoothly.
Pulley: It’s used together with timing belt, very convenient to use. 20 Teeth contact with the belt, that minimizes the chance of the belt slipping.
Locking Spring: With the springs, you can add the right tension you need and make your prints much more precise.
Mounting Block: The mounting block is used in open belt buckles for 2GT belt (and some other models). Make sure that the gearbox is firm and free from loosening.
Compatibility: compatible with most 3D printers. Attention: Small parts, keep away from children!