Kee pang 10M Rubber Opening Belt 6mm Width+8pcs GT2 Pulley 20 Teeth Bore 5mm +4pcs Belt Locking Spring for 3D printer



Price: $15.98

GT2 belts and pulleys compliant (GT2 pulley) are popular choices for RepRap tests and traps.
The series GT2 belts are specially designed for the linear movement. Use a profile with rounded teeth, which ensures that the belt tooth perfectly and accurately into the pulley groove, so that if one reverses the direction of the pulley, there is no place for the band to move in the groove.
For the best performance, which is at least six teeth in contact with the pulley at a given time. This minimizes the possibility of sliding ring and helps to play in reducing even more. In practice, this means that you have made at least a pulley 12 teeth, and I usually try to get at least 16 teeth.

Durable and virtually
Designed specifically for linear movement
GT2 pulley and belt are used together, very convenient to use
Assicura a fourth round tooth profile as the tooth of the belt is positioned correctly
20 contact with the tooth side which minimizes the risk of the belt slipping

GT2 belts:
Length: 10m
Width: 6mm
Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Step: GT2

GT2 pulley:
Diameter: 16 mm
Hole: 5mm
Size: 16mm
Teeth: 20
Material: Aluminum
Color: silverDurable and virtually- The timing belt is made of premium rubber, more durable and flexible.
Designed specifically for linear movement- Timing belt kit is is designed specifically for linear movement and precision, high positioning accuracy.
Easy to use- GT2 pulley and belt are used together, very convenient to use.
Timing pulley with 20 teeth- Timing pulley with 20 teeth which minimizes the risk of the belt slipping.
The best choices for 3d printer construction- Popular choices for Reprap, Prusa, MendelMax, 3D Printer.