JGMAKER Magic Upgraded 3D Printer DIY Kits Fast Assemble Open Source with Metal Base Resume Printing Filament Sensor Function 220x220x250mm
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JGMAKER Magic Upgraded 3D Printer DIY Kits Fast Assemble Open Source with Metal Base Resume Printing Filament Sensor Function 220x220x250mm




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Why choose JGMAKER?

JGMAKER as an ISO9001 certified company, with a mission to make 3D printing technology accessible to people at all levels by continuously providing better solutions that fit all business needs.

We has been serving different markets for over 10 years to provide high quality printer and excellent support

JGMAKER Magic Upgraded 3D Ptinter Fast Assemble

New Magic Printer with high quality components

The Upgraded Magic is pre-assemble for most part, you will receive it with three modulars, only need to screen a few screw, less than 30 minutes to install.Built-in power supply design creates a more elegant appearance and a safer option than other power exposed printer

Nozzle Temp.:180~245℃

Hotbed Temp.:Indoor temp.~110℃

Filament Diameter: 1. 75mm

Nozzle diameter: 0. 4mm

Print Size: 220 x220x250mm

Packing Size:550*465*175mm

Magic functionMagic function


Filament Run-Out Detection

Filament RUN-OUT detection: The machine beeps when your filament runs out to allow you to change the filament and avoid a failed printPower Fuilaur Detection: Resume printing from where the last print was stopped due to power failure. Saving you valuable time and filamentMemory Function: Resume print due to SD card removed accidently, If for any reason you happen to remove the SD Card during the printing process, by reinserting the SD Card you can continue printing.

How to Print a Model

heated bed

heated bed





Fast Assemble

Most part are pre-assemble before shipping, you will assemble it within 20 minutes.Adjust the nut under the hot bed to leveling the platform

Slice settings

Import the STL file of the model into the slicing software, set the printing parameters

Model Printing

Export Gcode file after slicing and then print the model

FAST ASSEMBLE: New Magic comes with three module, only base, Frame and filament spool, total assembly of the machine can typically be completed in under 20 minies
METAL BASE and Dual Polished Rod: Use sturdy new frame and One-piece metal base, equiped with dual Polished Rod, which can print more accurately model
RESUME PRINTING: printer has filament sensor and power failure detection, when the filament used up or there is a sudden power failure, it can resume printing.
Auto Feed Filament and SD card hot plug in: only first time you need manually send the filament to the nozzle, then you can automatically feed and retreat through the operation screen
Safey Printing: Use build-in power supply, the heat bed temp reach to 100℃ within 5 minutes