iNSTONE Easier 3D Printer Kit with iNSTONE Slice Software TF Card Sample PLA Filament Clean Kit Desktop 3D Printer DIY Mini 3D Printer Online Print Win/MAC

400.00$ 139.00$



Price: $400.00 - $139.00

iNSTONE Easier 3D Printer – Your first 3D Printer- is a very easy and practical 3D printer. It’s suitable for beginners or kids.Creativity – iNSTONE Easier 3D Printer inspires your imagination and wake your inner art talent.
Easy Use – Mini 3D Printer Just needs by 6 steps you can make any items you want. All the operations can be done just with a knob.
Portable – Light weight 5.3(lb) make you can easily enjoy 3d Printer diy everywhere and anytime whatever you are doing: working, preparing paper even cooking.
Big discount on filament – You will get 30% off on Instone 3D Printers PLA filament(2.2lbs) if buying iNSTONE 3D Printer Kit.
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