IFUN iF3145 3D Printer Resin for SLA/DLP Compatible with Formlabs and DWS 3D Printer UV 405 nm Clear 500 Gram



Price: $39.99


Density: 2.1 g/cm3 @ 25°C

Visicosity: 300CP(30°C)

Elongation at break: 15% ASTM D 638

Tensile strength: 45MPa ASTM D 638

Flexural modulus: 2000MPa

Surface tension: 38

Surface hardness: 80A ASTM D 2240Ifun 3D printer iF3145# resin is completely compatible with Formlab 2 and DWS 3D printer
Working for 405 nm SLA curing 3D printing and high precision and surface smoothness
Suitable for most desktop UV-curable 3D printers
Yellowing resistance material with high transparency
Excellent physical properties of materials, good toughness and strength.