Healeved 1 Roll Flexible Filament 1.75mm Filament 1.75 Filament Food Pla Printer 3D


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1 x roll of filament (1kg/roll)

-Color:Grey 3d filament 1.75mm
-Wide compatibility: Designed with 1.75mm diameter, ensuring compatibility with various 3D printers 3d printer filament.
-Dimensional accuracy: +/-0 pla filament 1.75mm.
-Diameter: 1 3d printers filament.
-Precise dimensional accuracy: With a dimensional accuracy of +/-0.03mm, resulting in finely detailed prints filament pla.
– Net weight: about 1kg/roll filament 1.75
-Extended usage: This filament for 3D printers provides a generous amount for prolonged printing sessions 3d filament pla 1.75.
-Size:20.00X20.00X6.00cm/7.86X7.86X2 1.75 mm 3d printer filament.
-Visually striking: The design of the filament adds a visually captivating element to printed models 1.75 pla filament.
-Enhanced impact resistance: Crafted with high molecular composite PLA material, offering exceptional resistance against impacts food safe filament.
-Material:PLA filament for 3d printer

Goods Description
3d printing filament Our 3D printer filament is manufactured with PLA, which has high strength and is resistant to deformation.3d printer filament pla Our 3D printer filament can be used to make models such as structural parts, tools, and electrical equipment housings.pla 1.75 mm filament The sleek color design adds a visually striking element to the printed models.3d printer filament ensuring long-lasting usage

3d filament 1.75– durable to use: this 3d printer filament is practical, and providing ample supply for extended usage.
Food safe filament– striking design: the high molecular filament produces vibrant and visually impactful printed models.
Pla 3d printer filament– precise dimensional accuracy: with a dimensional accuracy of +/-0.03mm, resulting in finely detailed prints.
3d filament– 1.75mm diameter: compatible with a wide range of 3d printers, offering excellent compatibility.