GT2 Timing Wheel + GT2 6mm Belt with m3 Hexagon Wrench for 3D Printer



Price: $12.99

1. durable and practical
2. specially designed for linear motion
3. GT2 belt together used pulley and GT2, very comfortable to use
4. round tooth profile ensures that the belt tooth fits smoothly
5. 20 teeth contact with the Ribbon minimized, that the probability of the belt slip.

★★★GT2 Belt:
1. Length: 5 m/196.85 “
2. Width: 6 mm/0.23″
3. Material: Rubber
4. Color: Black
5. Pitch: GT2

★★★GT2 Pulley:
1. Diameter: 16 mm/0.62 “
2. Hole Diameter: 5 mm/0.19″
3. Height: 16 mm/0.62 “
4. Teeth: 20
5. Material: Aluminum
6. Color: Silver

★★★Package include:
8 X of 5mm 20-tooth pulley timing wheel
1 X of 5 m GT2 timing belt
8 X of Screws
1 X Hex Wrench
▶High Tansmission Efficiency – Compact structure, and also suitable for multi-axle transmission, do not need lubrication, no pollution
▶High Quality – No slip, constant speed ratio can be obtained, is stable and can absorb vibration
▶Easy to Use – GT2 pulley and belt are used together, very convenient to use.
▶Widely Used -Suitable for dishwashers, packaging machinery, motorcycles, automobile, dryer, food machinery, inkjet printer, conveyor, bonders ect.
▶Best choices for 3d printer – Fit for Reprap, Prusa, MendelMax,3D Printer.


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