FYSETC 3D UV Resin Printers Parts, 3 in 1 Protection Tool 190 Micron Paper Strainer Disposable Earloop Face Masks Exam Gloves for LCD Photon DLP 3DWOX DP200 Laser Printer Liquid




Nylon Mesh Paint Strainers – Pack of 20
※ Cone shaped paint/ Resin strainers with a fine 190 micron filter tip.
※ Liquid flows through easily.
※ Removes paint/ Resin clumps & solids.
※ Eliminates impurities in new & old paint alike.
※ Dry it, & reuse it.

Medical Face Masks – Pack of 10
※ The product is Non-woven fabric such as ultrasonic heating, spot welding and banding with processes, Cellulose and paper / plastic-coated carbon steel, disposable and non-sterile.

Nitrile Exam Gloves – XL, 5 Pair
※ Protect the hand isolation germs, harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, harsh solvents, chemicals or cancer-causing agents

Package includes:
20 X Strainers
10 X Masks
5 Pair Gloves
Excellent hand and personal protection – printer rapid resin must-parts, use for Anycubic Photon, 3DWOX 3D20, 3D40, 3D45 and more other Printers.
190 Micron Paint Strainer – SLA consumable filter, Made from High Quality Durable Materials, and 100% lint free nylon mesh tip at bottom.
Paint Strainer – For all types of paints, resins, varnishes, lacquers, and stains (even some chemicals), Filters Sifts & Eliminates Impurities in New and Old Paint, & Removes paint clumps and solids.
Hand Protection- Wear gloves before using the resin to avoid direct contact with the skin. Nitrile is chemical and puncture-resistant providing a higher level of protection against liquids, gases and sharp objects. Non-allergenic and non-irritating
Disposable Face Mask Value Pack – Keep your mouth covered and protected from pollution, germs, chemicals, fluids and dust.