FYSETC 3D Printer Build Surface Smooth PEI Sheet 10″ x 10″ (254mm x 254mm) 0.01″ Thickness Build Plate with Strong 3M 468MP Adhesive for Creality Ender 3



Price: $12.99

Best Method to Attach:
Be aware that there is protective film on both sides of the PEI sheet. Remove them from both sides before using: clear protective film guards against scratches during shipping and handling. These need to be removed prior to use. Film is colored clear for your convenience.
Step 1: use 3M 468MP adhesive transfer tape, the adhesive is heat resistant and provides a strong bond. This method provides the most level print surface.
Step 2: Tear off the protective film on one side.

Package includes:
1x 10″ PEI Sheet(with 3M 468MP Adhesive backing)Excellent PEI Platfrom for 3D Printer Heated Bed: with strong 3M Adhesive, compatible with ABS, PLA, HIPS and other filaments, no need for additional adhesives, tapes, or slurry.
Size: 10″x10″/ 254mm x 254mm. thickness is only 0.01″/ 0.3mm, very thin and level to be table top flat.
Special Import Material: made of Polyethermide which is inherently flame resistant and low in smoke production, high strength and heat resistance (up to 340° F), it can withstand the numerous heat cycles that a 3D print bed goes through from print to print.
Reuse for multiple prints, just wipe down with isopropyl alcohol between prints for best results, the PEI sheets also can be easily cut down to desired size by scoring with a utility knife or blade.
After-sales Support: each one defective item can have the free replace or refund, If need more further please fell free to email or QA us, we and our engineers are very happy to assist you.