for Bambu Lab x1 Build Plate PEI PET Sheet 257x257mm Bed Upgrade Texture PEI Double Sided Spring Steel for Lab P1P 3D Printer (PEI PET)


Price: $25.99 - $23.99
(as of Nov 16, 2023 09:05:34 UTC – Details)

*Size: 257x257mm *compatible with : Lab X1 Serices/ Lab X1-Carbon Combo/ Lab P1P
Easy to Install: The PEI spring steel sheet is flat and flexible, it comes without magnetic base sheet, but could be magnetically attracted to the hotbed, because lab X1 3D printer heated bed is magnetic, just put and print.
The PEI spring steel sheet can be bent, without the help of other tools. And the plate could be returned to a flat state,no deformation. What’s more, it is double sided textured (real powder coated PEI, not sticker), could be printed on both side and scratch resistance, long lifetime.
Anti-warping, Suitable for Various Filament: This spring steel building plate sheet is made of PEI material. You can print PLA, PETG, TPU and some strong stickiness filaments without heating. Also, it is high temperature resistance, up to 300°C, support various filaments, like PA / PC / PLA / PEGT / ABS / TPU / Carbon / Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers. Even a new user, could get wonderful first layer, no warping.