Flex-Sure 3D Build Plate Surface 203 mm 8″ inch High Temp Save TIME + Increase Quality + Save Money! Replaces 3D Printer Scrapers Flexible Spatula Palette Knife Glue Sticks Painters Tape & Hairspray!



Price: $18.50


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Product Size of this 3D printer flexible bed: 220x220mm ( 8.66 x 8.66 ” inches )

Included with this product: 1 Flex-Sure flexible & removable magnetic steel 3d printer build surface print bed

MatterSticks Stick to it. – These steel metal removable high quality and precision 3d printer upgrades are the fruit of months of professional research and development work conducted by seasoned mass manufacturing industrial product developers. Hence, advanced high-end materials are carefully evaluated and tested in order to be selected. For instance, such high performance materials are used in the manufacture of aircraft and high speed trains.
– All MatterSticks products may be patented or pending a patent as well as being protected by trademarks, copyrights, etc. 🕙 SAVES TIME – REMOVE PARTS FASTER & NO 3D PRINTER COOL-DOWNS NEEDED! These removable 3d print platforms allow for quicker parts removal & to avoid 🛑 waiting for heat bed & enclosure cool downs & warm-ups 🌡️🔃 between 3d prints. You no longer have to wait!
🔎 BETTER QUALITY PRINTS – Neatly remove the 3d printed objects from the 3d printer heated bed. Simply bend this flexplate along its X axis and then along its Y axis for the 3d print to peel off intact. As opposed to other flexible print surfaces, this metal one won’t kink nor stay folded. Hence, the 3d part isn’t deformed nor gets a dented first layer from using a 3D print removal tool
🛡️ HEAVY DUTY & BUILT TO LAST 🔩 Designed to be dependable, this is one such 3d printer accessories & upgrades you can rely on. The Flex Sure system is constituted of a high temp 🌡️ grade magnet (Sold separately as 🔼 Gaussian Flex 🔼) & flex plate material. This robust metal sheet will spring back flat, no warp once placed back on the print bed. Flex-Sure is way more durable than black or blue painters tape
🔀 SWAPPABLE & COMPATIBLE Use with 3D printers that have a build volume based on a 203 mm 8″ inch square heatbed dimensions. MAGNETIC; Fix this Flex-Sure foil by using our strong magnet sheet with adhesive backing (Sold apart). ◾Stick PEI sheet, PP, PET tape or build tack stickers and kapton tape to it; One per FlexSure & swap them! ◾These flexible print platforms, and matching magnetic surface, can also be installed on square heat resistant tempered borosilicate glass sheets & mirror print beds
💰 SAVES MONEY, SAFER, CLEANER – This flexible removable magnetic build platform extends the build surface useful life by reducing scraping needs & wear. Forget about magic ABS juice, any gluesticks & 3d print removal accessory kit ◾ Plus, removing a stuck printed object by using a stainless steel spatulas tool, putty knife or paint scraper often leads to sudden & unexpected movements that may cause injuries. 🤕 Avoid these risks & be in control by using these Flex Sure ™ bed surfaces.