FAHKNS 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75mm 3-D Printing Materials 5 Colors Bundle Print Filimate 1.75 mm White Black Red Blue Purple Filiment1.75 Accuracy ±0.02mm Fillament Spool Vacuum Pack 250G X 5 Roll


Price: $33.99 - $24.40
(as of Nov 15, 2023 10:50:58 UTC – Details)

【1.75 MM DIAMETER】Dimensional accuracy±0.02mm which widely compatible with almost all 1.75mm FDM 3D printers,such as Creality Ender 3(V2 NEO S1 Pro),Anycubic(kobra max neo),Voxelab Aquila(C2 X2),Sovol (sv04 sv06).
【NO BUBBLE & TANGLE】PLA fillament 1.75mm are tidily winded under precise control,leaving no room for original tangling.Better not let go of the filimate on the spool to keep filament tangle-free.No bubbles generated and prevent clogging the nozzle.
【VACUUM SEALED】Each spool filiment1.75 is packed in a sealed vacuum bag.Please keep filaments dry and dust-free after opening the sealed package to prevent become brittle or jams the nozzle.5 colors bundle includes white black blue purple red 250g bulks.
【LESS WARPING】Lower print temperature compared to other filiment,which means PLA+ is less warping and produce multicolor prints with smooth surface finishes.Excellent fluidity enables the fillamentum to be extruded evenly and smoothly during printing.