eSUN 3D Printer CLEANING Filament 1.75mm Natural 0.1kg for all 1.75mm FDM 3D Printers, 1.75mm Cleaning



Price: $12.99

Industry’s first 3D Printer Cleaning Filament used to clean up residues inside extruders. Just like oil-change for your car. Maintenance is important to the longevity and functionality of extruders.

Excellent heat stability. Wide cleaning temperature range of 150 to 260 Celsius. Not easy to degrade in the heat. Using cleaning filament can prevent nozzle plugging during transition between high and low temperature materials. Color: White semi-transparent Weight: 0.1kg Length: about 120 Feet
Patent Pending

Industry’s first 3D cleaning filament
Excellent heat stability, Wide cleaning temperature range of 150 to 260 celsius.
Cleans the extruder’s interior by removing accumulated residual filaments.
Possesses a certain level of adhesive quality. Will not clog extruder.
Clean the 3D printer’s extruder before and after printing for better extruder protection.