Creality CR-10 S4 3D Printer with Filament Monitor Dual Z Axis Large Printing Size 400x400x400mm 1.75mm Filament DIY 3D Printer




Price: $699.00

Product Parameters

PrintingSize:400*400*400mm or15.8″x15.8″x15.8″
Printing accuracy:0.1mm
Nozzle Diameter:Standard 0.4mm(can be changed to 0.3/0.2mm)
Printing Speed:Normal: 80mm/s, Max.: 200mm/s
Materials:1.75mm PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Gradient Color etc.
Software supporting : PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design software, etc.
Format : STL, OBJ, G-Code, JPG
Printing Method: SD card(off-line), contact to the PC(on-line)
Body Structure: Imported V-Slot Aluminum Bearings.
Operating System: Linux,Windows,OSX
Printing Software:CURA,simplify 3D,Repetier-Host
Application fields: DIY amateur, artistic design, architectural design, industrial Designers education, 3D photo studio, etc

Product Size: 590*700*615mm
Package Size: 760*650*330 mm
Package Weight: 18.2kg

Packing List:
Bottom Frame x1PCS
Vertical Frame x1PCS
Power supply Box x1PCS
Build Plate Tape x1Roll
Filament Spool holder x 1Set
Tie x 1Set
Cutting Nipper x1PCS
Wrench x1 Set
Screw x 2Bag
Revoming Toolx 1PCS
Power Linex1PCS
USB Cablex 1PCS
Teflon Tube x1PCS
SD Card x 1PCS
Limit Switch x 1PCS
Z axis Stator x 1PCS
0.4mm Nozzle x 1PCS
Nozzle Clearer x 1PCS
200g Filament x 1RollLarge printing size: 400*400*400mm or 15.8″x15.8″x15.8″
Easy Assembly:Half-assembled, just need 10 minutes to assemble, solve the problem of high freight
Filament Monitor: The printer will alarm and stop printing if the filament is used out, It can continue to print after reload the filament.
Dual Z Rod Screws & Motors:there are two Z axis screw rods and motors on this printer, it has much more stable performance
It is Update Version of Creality CR-10 S4 3D Printer with Dual Z Axis and Filament Detector and Resume Print when Power Off