Creality 3D Printer Parts Ender-3 Belt Open Timing Rubber 2GT Timing Width 6mm Y axis 720mm + X axis 765mm for 3D Printer



Price: $12.99

Product Name: Creality Ender-3 timing belt for X Axis and Y Axis
Rubber Opening Belt with Copper Buckle
Type: 2GT
GT2 Pitch: 2mm
Belt Height: 1.38mm
Tooth Height: 0.75mm
Material: Rubber
X axis Belt Length: 765mm
Y axis Belt Length: 720mm
Width: 6mm
Shape: Open timing belt

Package Details:
1 pcs X timing belt + 1 pcs Y timing belts for ender 3
Ender 3 Rubber belt
belt for ender-3 X axis Y axis
timing belts
time calbe