ChamRun 1.75mm 1.0kg PLA 3D Printing Filament Bundled with 3D Accessories Tools, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm fit Most 1.75mm 3D Printer (White) …
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ChamRun 1.75mm 1.0kg PLA 3D Printing Filament Bundled with 3D Accessories Tools, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm fit Most 1.75mm 3D Printer (White) …


Price: $18.99
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<Welcome to ChamRun 3D Products. Our engineered filament is here to help you stream your creative outlet, enabling you to see your thoughts and concepts engineered into a real and rewarding reality. The filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03mm.  PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a commonly used thermoplastic material that does not require the use of a heated print bed. Because of the lower melting temperatures and lack of warping, 1.75MM PLA filaments retain their color vibrancy and are a common choice for displays or small household prints. The 3D printed object will have a glossy type finish with we love it: Less warping Easy to use No heated bed required.

Why can’t the filaments stick to the build bed?

1. Check the temperature setting before printing, PLA filaments have lower extrusion temperature;
2. Check if the plate surface has been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace it with our new one to ensure a strong first layer adhesion;
3. If the first layer has poor adhesion, it is recommended to re-level the print substrate to reduce the distance between the nozzle and the surface plate;
4. If the effect is not good, it is recommended to try printing the draft before printing.

Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temp: 195°C – 220°C,
Heated Bed Temp: 25°C – 60°C Or No Heated
Filaments Diameter and Accuracy: 1.75 mm +/- 0.03mm
Filaments Net Weight: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)

Packing List:
1pc ChamRun PLA Filament 1.75mm 1kg vacuum sealed with desiccants Spool
5pcs 0.4mm stainless steel needles
4 x M6 thread nozzles(0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm)
4pcs E3D V5-V6 M6 thread nozzles(0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm)
4pcs Hex wrenches (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3mm, 4mm)
1pc Build surface sticker(200mm x 200mm)( 7.88″ × 7.88″)
【Toughness Enhanced 1.75MM PLA Filaments】—ChamRun premium 1.75mm PLA filaments have the advantages of incredible ease of printing Optimized printing quality, high purity with low shrinkage and superb layer bonding, meeting your demands for printing projects of functional parts with higher toughness.
【Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency】These tough PLA filaments to be strict tolerances. Diameter 1.75mm, dimensional accuracy + / – 0.03 mm without any exaggeration; 1 kg spool (2.2lbs)
【Clog-Free, Bubble-Free & Easy-to-use】— Complete drying for 24 hours before packaging and vacuum sealed with desiccants in a Plastic bag. Recommended 1.75MM PLA Filament Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 190℃-220℃, bed 50℃-60℃ Or No Heated.
【Wide Compatibility】 — Works and harmonizes perfectly with all common 1.75mm FDM 3D printers, thanks to the high quality standards in terms of manufacturing accuracy and the small tolerance in diameter of +/- 0.03mm.
【What you Get in the Package】Total 19 Pack. 1pc 1kg 1.75mm PLA filament spool, 1pc 7.88″ × 7.88″ build surface sticker, 4pcs Hex Wrenches, 5pcs 0.4mm stainless steel needles, 4pcs MK8 nozzles, 4pcs E3D nozzles