BKM 130mm X 160mm, 3mm Thick Borosilicate Glass Plate, Choose Mini



Worth: $18.95

Borosilicate glass plates are the primary improve I make to my 3D printers. As soon as leveled you’ll have a superbly flat construct floor that will provide you with higher and extra constant outcomes. These are sized to work with Monoprice MP Mini choose. 100% Borosilicate glass plates are ideally suited to use with 3D printers as a result of they’re naturally flat and proof against thermal shock that may have an effect on different forms of glass. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T PRINT PETG DIRECTLY ONTO THE GLASS (OR ANY OTHER BUILD SURFACE) IT WILL STICK SO WELL YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE GLASS TO REMOVE IT. USE GLUE STICK, HAIR SPRAY OR SOME OTHER RELEASE AGENT WHEN PRINTING PETG. THAT APPLIES TO GLASS, PEI AND MOST BUILD SURFACES!130mm large, 160mm lengthy, 3mm thick
Low thermal growth and proof against thermal shock
Very flat floor for 3D printing
Nice match on Monoprice MP Mini Choose
Nook minimize at and angle to permit easy accessibility to leveling screws.