BIQU KFB3.0 3D Control Board +LCD 12864 Module Display Monitor Motherboard + A4988 Stepstick Stepper Motor Driver Module for Reparp Mendel Prusa I3 Kossel 3D Printer



Price: $34.99

KFB3.0 Size: 10mm*10mm
Power Input: 12V ~ 40V
Support for Motor Drive Type: A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100
Support Control Screen: LCD2004, LCD12864. LCD1602, touch color screen
Compile Environment: Arduino IDE firmware: Marlin
Net Weight: 105g/pcs

*When energized, do not connect to the motherboard or replace the different module interfaces(except SD, USB)
*Pay attention to the Positive and Negative of the wire
*Please check to determine whether the connection interface is correct, so as not to damage the motherboard before open telegram
*When occurs in emergency, please press the RESET button on the motherboard or disconnect

Package List:
1xKFB3.0 3D Control Board
1 x 12864LCD Display Board
1 x LCD Line (30cm length)
5xA4988 Stepper Motor Driver
1 x USB Data Line (50cm Length)

The power buck chip using XL1509 chip, high efficiency, stability. short circuit protection, 150KHz fixed switching frequency 2A current input 12 ~ 40V input voltage
USB serial chip using CH340T chip, the largest 2Mbps, communication Stable, to solve the streamlined version of the Windows driver can not be installed Problem, support for a full range of Windows, mac, liunx operating system
Heatbed MOS tube with F8736 chip, the maximum 18A current. Tantalum capacitor filter acquisition temperature, anti-interference, more accurate
The processor uses tamega2560 chip, 54 output to meet the various Output Interface
The max support only 12V, supportA4988, DRV8825 and TMC2100