BIQU Heat Bed Power Module Expansion Hot Bed MOS Tube for 3D Printer



Price: $6.99

Product Description:
Features: Dimensions:60x50mm
Mounting holes:3.2mm diameter, for M3 screws
DCIN: “+” connect the power positive electrode: “-“connect the power negative, electrode(support “+ 12 v”or “+ 24 v” power supply, it is recommended to use + 24 v power supply)
Heatbed: connect to heatbed line(there are no positive or negative)
Connect the heatbed control port on the motherboard(there are no positive or negative)

1.When you connect power supply cable, you need to pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative polarity of the power supply,and do not reverse the connection of the cable to avoid burning the module and causing unnecessary losses
2.Module placement problem: when you use the module, do not put it in a place where the wires are dense. In this way, it helps to reduce the heating burden on the module and increase the safety
3.When the module is working: don’t let the conductor to touch its bottom, it can prevent short circuit and burn out

Packge Included:
1 x Heated Bed Mosfet
1 x Connection cable for input signal
2x Cable for heat bed connect Wire
2x Cable for power

A general add-on heated bed power expansion module for 3D printer
Completely solve the hot bed power is too large and the load current issue. It can work with the Anet A8
With this addon module to your 3D printer motherboard you can lead the maximum current up to 15A
Under the premise of normal heat dissipation, this module can work steadily under the condition of I(Max)=15A. Don’t exceed 15A during the process.)
If you intend to use heated bed with your 3D printer that uses a 12V power supply, then this module is recommended, else it may cause excessive current during times which may burn the connectors on the controller board, According to the thermal power of the bed, please choose the appropriate power supply, with sufficient margin. If it is large power heated, we suggest 24V power supply, under the same power requirements, current is less than 12 v